Rock’n’Roll beds

Your choice, your way

What is a Rock’n’Roll bed?

A Rock’n’Roll bed is a bed that appears as seating during the day and whilst travelling. It can then be folded down into a bed to sleep on during the night.

We make our own Rock’n’Roll beds to fit your specific needs. They are easily pulled down using gas struts, and are a great use of space in your camper. We can also supply electric beds.

Our Rock’n’Roll beds are made using the strongest of materials to ensure maximum safety.

A range of materials are also available for you to choose from, there are many colours so you can choose exactly how you want your bed to look.

What People Say

We were able to design our camper from every last detail. The customer service was brilliant and we cannot wait to begin our adventures

William & Megan James

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